COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Apologetics course will address several topics in such a way so as to help equip the student to grow in confidence in one’s own faith as well as defend and argue for the Christian worldview to an unbelieving world.


Session 1 - Existence of God

  • Address scientific, philosophical, and moral arguments for the existence of a Creator

  • Address arguments for the Creator being a personal God

Session 2 - Jesus as only way to God

  • Review arguments for the credibility of the Bible as the Word of God

  • Address the claims of truth for the deity and resurrection of Jesus Christ

Session 3 - Tactics in defending the faith

  • Study three effective tactics in defending the Christian worldview

  • Apply the tactics in issues such as the problem of evil and the relationship between science and Christianity

Session 4 - Postmodernism

  • Study the topics of truth, authority, and tolerance

  • Address other religions and worldviews

Apologetics - Year A