COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course will equip the students to develop a lesson or message from a passage of Scripture, as well as equipping them to develop a series of lessons, either topical or exegetical.  It will help them to discern which style of presenting a passage is most suitable for their intended audience.  The student will receive insight on how and when to use outside material, stories, humor, etc.  This course will also involve opportunities for the students to present to their fellow students and the instructor so that they can gain experience and receive constructive input.


  • Finding the central point of the passage and the timeless truths

  • Developing the central point of the lesson from the timeless truths and the central point of the passage

  • Developing a lesson/message deductively versus inductively

  • Structuring a lesson/message in a way that the listener can easily follow the line of thought

  • Elements of a lesson/message that aid the listeners in following them alone