COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Miracle of the Bible uncovers how we came to have the English versions of the Bible that we use in our ministry today.  The class first addresses why God would choose to communicate with us through the written word.  It then covers the various ways that the Scriptures were inspired as well as the process by which they were identified as the authoritative words of God. The class then unveils how those words remain trustworthy throughout the process of being copied from one generation to another. Lastly it looks at how those words are translated into English, why there are various translations, and how to identify a good version.


Session 1 – Inspiration of the Bible

  • General Revelation vs. Special Revelation

  • The Purpose of Special Revelation

  • The Authority of the Bible

  • Types of Inspiration found in Scripture

  • Plenary Meaning vs. Primary Meaning

  • The inerrancy of the Bible

Session 2 – Canonization of the Bible

  • The Biblical Canon in the Church Fathers

  • Councils and the Biblical Canon

  • The Apocrypha

  • The Pseudepigrapha

Session 3 – Transmission of the Bible

  • The Copying Process

  • Unintentional Errors

  • Intentional Changes

  • Evaluating Variant Readings

Session 4 – Translation of the Bible

  • Why Do the English Translations Differ?

  • Translation Comparisons

Miracle of the Bible - Year A