COURSE DESCRIPTION: Old Testament Backgrounds provides a comprehensive survey of the history of Israel and the cultural context surrounding the various books of the Old Testament.  This course will introduce the biblical books within the overall timeline of the ancient world and inform the student how the culture of the ancient world helps us to better understand the teaching found in the Old Testament.


Section 1 – The Birth of Israel (12 Sessions)

  • Introduction to Biblical History (1 Session)

  • Creation to the Patriarchs (3 Sessions)

  • The Patriarchal Period (3 Sessions)

  • The Foundation of Israel’s Culture: Exodus and Wandering (5 Sessions)

Section 2 – Israel as a Nation (17 Sessions)

  • Israel in the Land: Conquest and Judges (4 Sessions)

  • The United Kingdom: Saul, David, and Solomon (5 Sessions)

  • The Divided Kingdom: The Kings of Israel and Judah (6 Sessions)

  • The Babylonian Exile (1 Session)

  • The Return from Exile (1 Session)

Section 3 – Between the Testaments (3 Sessions)

  • The Period of the Greeks (1 Session)

  • The Hasmonean Dynasty (1 Session)

  • Herod the Great (1 Session)


Old Testament Backgrounds - Year A