COURSE DESCRIPTION: Pauline Epistles will survey the key theological and pastoral themes that arise in Paul’s letters to the various churches.  Using Romans to provide the structure for the theological themes and 2 Corinthians for the pastoral themes this class will draw on the whole of the Pauline corpus to develop an understanding of the key issues that are vital in understanding Paul and his letters and properly applying them today.


Section 1: Theological Themes

  • Session 1 – Jews and Gentiles in the body of Christ

  • Session 2 – The Law and Substitutionary Atonement

  • Session 3 – The Grace of God

  • Session 4 – Works of the Flesh vs. Fruit of the Spirit

  • Session 5 – What it means to be “in Christ”

Section 2: Pastoral Themes

  • Session 6 – The Servant Heart of a Shepherd

  • Session 7 – The Equality of the Saints and Unity in the Body

Pauline Epistles - Year B