COURSE DESCRIPTION: A Biblical Counselor is one who integrates the psychological and theological knowledge learned by man, and uses biblical principles to help others to heal, grow, and develop a closer walk with God and man.

We will explore the making of a biblical counselor. His role in the lives of believers, and who he is. How the counseling process work and how to help others to move one in their lives with God and others.

We will explore counseling's role in the local church, missions and evangelism.

This is an overview of counseling and is in no way intended to equip you to be a counselor


This course will introduce you to concepts, understanding and personal application for:

  • The goal of a Biblical Counselor and what to expect.

  • How important it is to integrate psychology and theology.

  • What we need to know about people before we can help them.

  • How do our needs, motives and personality affect the counseling process?

  • Examine a basic model of the counseling process.

  • What the church needs from a counseling program,

  • Helping beyond the doors of the local church.

  • What to consider re; satanic influences.

Personal Counseling - Year A