The program here at CSM consists of three tracks that reflect our commitment to the Word of God as the source of our wisdom as well as the value we place on strong, biblical leadership and the passion we possess for training up the individual as a whole. These three tracks are:



Biblical Foundations Courses

These courses seek to equip the student with a foundation of knowledge and understanding of the Bible itself with them as they grow in their faith here at CSM.


Biblical Leadership Courses

These courses seek to equip the students with a biblical philosophy and Christ-like mindset for spiritual leadership.


Ministry Practicum

This requirement asks the student to be involved in ministry and committed to a mentor relationship that will help develop and encourage them directly.*

*Cornerstone Church offers a wide range of ministry opportunities for students to fulfill this requirement, and CSM will help the student find a place for ministry service if needed. If, however, the student desires a ministry practicum through another local church or mission organization of like faith and practice, CSM will work with the student and that church or organization to manage their fulfillment of this requirement.