Cornerstone School of Ministry is a two-year program that offers training and experience for vocational ministry. The courses are primarily taught by the pastoral staff of Cornerstone Church, although guest instructors teach certain specialties. CSM instructors are gifted in teaching and have a committed and faithful walk with the Lord, a passion for serving the flock of God, and valuable years of ministry experience. Our instructors are eager to pour their hearts into the lives of the students, giving them unique training for the ministry that genuinely fulfills the call to discipleship in community. To facilitate this, you will be assigned a mentor to help you navigate educational, personal, and ministry challenges, and to celebrate with you as you grow in your faith here at CSM



CSM exists to provide an educational experience that is thorough and holistic in its approach, producing students who can influence the kingdom of God and shine as lights in this current generation. Our biblically-solid courses combined with community-building events, weekly mentoring, and practical ministry experience offer the student a unique and well-rounded foundation for a lifetime of ministry. This first-hand experience of discipleship is designed to produce life-long disciples who multiply themselves by discipling others.


Community-Building Events


Weekly Mentoring


Practical Ministry Experience



We envision CSM graduates being men and women with a firm grasp of the Bible, a heart committed to serving God’s people, and a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding that equips them for a lifetime of fruitful ministry. On the educational and financial side, we envision students who have learned and practiced good stewardship so that they are not saddled with debt when starting off in the ministry.

Our program is designed to accommodate individuals in a variety of situations, such as:

Those enrolled or planning to enroll in community college for general education courses

Those in a transitional season between schools


Those who sense a call to serve the Lord, but are unsure of where or to what extent God is calling them

Those with family obligations that make traditional education difficult

Those who are in the workforce but are interested in pursuing a call to vocational ministry



What we expect from you

  • A commitment to faithful attendance and completion of course work

  • A commitment to faithfully fulfill your obligations for Ministry Practicum

  • A commitment to participate in community-building events

  • A commitment to complete both years of the program

Your commitments will help preserve the integrity of the program and create an environment for learning that will maximize the benefit of the program for every student.

Our Commitment to you


To equip you thoroughly for leadership in the body of Christ, whether ministering in the local church, serving in local missions, or being sent as a missionary across borders.

To provide you with a biblical education founded upon a commitment to the authority of Scripture and confidence in the enabling of the Holy Spirit for the work of the ministry

To offer an affordable, yet high-quality path for you to explore your call to vocational ministry.